Freedom Consists Not In Doing What We Like, But In Having The Right To Do What We Ought

The aim of moral education cannot be anything other than the moral development of the child. “Value Education” has so far, concentrated on teaching instead of focusing upon the moral development of the child. What we need therefore is a paradigm shift in our understanding of what constitutes moral education and how it is to be imparted. The focus must shift from teaching moral values to assisting or supporting the moral development of children.

The distinctive character of moral education is that it introduces a new dimension. It points to –

The desirable beyond the possible.

  • The moral imperative beyond the expedient and the convenient.
  • The ‘ought’ and ‘should’ beyond the ‘must’.
  • A consideration of the well-being of others beyond self interest.

Even teaching values through stories, should be through situations of conflate or dilemma rather than direct, over moralizing, sermonizing or preaching.

Ms. Rekha Rath

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