To Succeed, Just Make Up Your Mind

We must learn to believe that God has endowed each one of us with capacity for far greater things than we seldom tend to attempt, primarily because we seem to lack the conviction that by God’s own will we are intended to succeed in all our altruistic and noble endeavors.

The moment we start having self-doubt, our faculties begin to waiver. We have been born into this world with inherent abilities and capabilities but most of us tend to play safe instead of putting these attributes to test and taking up challenge. There are no drugs, or patent medicines, or mystifying deeds to get you out of this condition. It is purely a natural transformation.

People who do great things have an in-exhaustive pool of positive traits; they do not know the meaning of negativity. Never allow any negative influences or reverses to shake your confidence or to destroy your self – reliance. They are the very foundation of all great achievements. When they are gone, the whole structure crumbles; as long as you have them there is always a hope for you.

Ms. Pratibha .V

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