How Skilled Are The Teachers?

The teachers here are highly qualified and experienced. They not only take care of the academic needs but also provide a safe learning environment through their love and care

Does The School Impart Communication Skills?

Communication in English is encouraged and mandatory in the school campus. We encourage our students in Public Speaking by honing their skills. The students take an active part in the regular assemblies. They speak on current issues. Essay writing competitions and debating are organized term wise.

How Is Technology Used In Class Rooms?

The lessons are designed with a smart back up customized curriculum. The class rooms are equipped with Smart board. The concepts in the various subjects are made clear through interactive learning through Smart boards.

How Safe Are The Learning Spaces?

The school has an excellent security system. It is an enclosed campus with watch and ward school security. The laboratory is safely nestled within the purview of the teachers.

How Are Children Assessed?

We follow the Continuous & comprehensive evaluation system spread throughout the year. Informal and formal testing is done in all the subjects .Evaluation and feedback is done immediately.

Are Involvements And Achievements Outside Academics Encouraged And Supported?

We take pride in informing that we have an array of examinations conducted beyond the curriculum of the classroom. We send our students for various competitive examinations like Science Olympiad ,Maths Olympiad,Drawing ,Spot Painting ,Quiz,Spell Bee etc.

Do You Impart Value Education?

Value education is of utmost importance to us. Moral values and Life skills are integrated and imparted through the lesson.

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